meet the Rapid API

Integrate your stores and apps to the Rapid platform.

What is the RAPID API

We help integrate some of the leading applications and software today with legacy and cutting edge solutions.

POS We work with several of the leading POS (Point of Sale) providers to make it easy to offer mobile ordering, online ordering, customer tracking and data reporting from a single solution.

We provide a easy to use solution to add in popular features to your POS operations.

Our RAPID API helps streamline the integration of enterprise platforms with nimble software features.

how it works

we offer standalone and integrated API tools that can be hosted or provided as SaaS.

POS If your POS provider already has a API Integration offering we can use that to leverage the tools you need. Otherwise we can help build bridge APIs for legacy-edge solutions.

what it costs

Solutions start at just $40.00 per month for hosted.

POS Each solution is different so talk to a solution advisor to make sure your needs are being met.
rapid is dependable


Rapid is built to handle lots of transactions every second. More importantly you have a robust platform that can scale with you.

24/7 support

Unbeatable Support

A support team that always has your back.



An interface with navigation that feels like second nature.

Quality Features

Quality Features

Rapid makes your life easier. Ease of use and quick shortcuts allows Rapid to be fast.

Fast Response

Real Time Data Aggregation

With Rapid you can make a request and in milliseconds have a response. We make getting data fast and secure.